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Retail stores lose millions of dollars each year due to theft and fraud. This unfortunate cost is then passed on to customers through higher prices. By establishing and instituting proven loss prevention policies and procedures into the daily operations of your business, Power Play AP can help you keep costs down by minimizing losses, and build a stronger, more profitable business.

We advocate several essential loss prevention strategies that when reliably put into practice can help deter and prevent theft and fraud, and promote a vibrant and successful business.

We start with the basics: a thorough, initial walk-through introduces us to your business from which we draft a complete, personalized Loss Prevention Report that lays out your business like you’ve never seen it before.

With your report in hand, together we can strategize your business’ best plan for success.

Your business deserves the expertise and attention of Power Play AP!

Shoplifting Statistics

Power Play Assets Protection offers a variety of professional loss prevention services to help your business meet and exceed your Safety & Security goals and expectations.

  1. $13 Billion - Dollar value of merchandise stolen from U.S. retailers each year.

  2. 35.6% - Percentage of inventory shrinkage that is attributed to shoplifting.

  3. $27 Million - Number of shoplifters in America

  4. 48 - Average number of times a shoplifter steals before they are caught.

  5. 97% - Percentage of shoplifters who are not professionals.

  6. Many shoplifters buy and steal in the same visit.

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CDS Consulting Co-op specializes in supporting clients to meet their goals as strong marketplace competitors with excellence in governance, management, operations, and participation.

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